Why Use McKie

Ten Advantages of using Forrest McKie Homebuilders over the competition concerning plumbing:

1   |  Forrest McKie Homes use only Delta valves compared to off-brand with the competition.

2  |  In Forrest McKie homes, an upgraded finish is standard on all fixtures. Homeowners get the choice of oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

3  |  If granite is not utilized in a Forrest McKie house and an under-mount sink is not applicable, 8” stainless steels sinks are standard which is a full 2’ deeper than the sinks the competition installs.

4  |  Elongated toilets are standard in homes built by Forrest McKie compared to competitors that use standard round-front toilets.

5  |  “Zurn Pex Tubing” is used for all freshwater lines in Forrest McKie homes and is backed by a 25 year warranty. The competition may use an off-brand of pex pipe that does not carry a comparable warranty.

6  |  Gas fixtures are an option in most Forrest McKie Homebuilders’ developments. Most competitors use electric fixtures only.

7  |  When a gas service is installed in a Forrest McKie home, it is standard to “oversize” the gas lines for any future gas appliance additions. Other builders only install gas lines that pass the minimum requirement.

8  |  Forrest McKie requires that their plumbers install a sewer popper on all sewer lines to prevent indoor sewage floods in the event of a mainline stoppage. The competition only install sewer poppers if local code requires it.

9  |  Forrest McKie can be found on the job site every day and is involved in every decision of the home building process.  There are many builders that the plumber may never see during construction.